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At this stage, the pipe lock machine competes with the traditional craft

China is in a period of dramatic changes in economic system, industrialization process, supply and demand structure, etc. The factors affecting China's industrial competitiveness, especially dynamic comparative advantage and competitive advantage, are complex and variable.

One of the main functions of the lock pipe machine is the crimp forming technology. Compared with other crimping devices, the lock pipe machine is superior to other hydraulic forming crimping processes, mainly for the components of the hollow cross-section structure. The traditional crimping process is The two halves are first formed by crimping and then welded into a whole. Now, the hydroforming of the locking tube machine can integrally form the hollow structural member along the cross section of the member.

Compared with other traditional processes, the lock pipe machine has the following major advantages:
1. It can reduce the number of molds and parts, which can greatly reduce the cost of molds. The hydroformed part of the pipe locker usually requires only one set of molds, whereas the conventional crimping parts require multiple sets of molds. The number of bracket parts of the engine has been reduced from 6 to 1, and the number of radiator bracket parts has been reduced from the traditional 17 to 10.
2. To reduce the quality, the lock tube machine can save a lot of materials. Compared with the conventional parts such as the radiator bracket and the automobile engine bracket, the hydraulic forming parts of the lock pipe machine are reduced by 15% to 50% compared with the conventional buckle parts, and the weight of the hollow stepped shaft parts can be reduced by 50%.
3. The product of the lock pipe machine can reduce the amount of welding for subsequent machining and assembly. Taking the radiator bracket as an example, the heat dissipation area is increased by 43%, and the number of solder joints is reduced from 174 to 20, and the processing procedure is reduced from 13 to 6 and the productivity is increased by 70%.
4. The lock pipe machine can greatly improve the strength and rigidity, especially the fatigue strength.
5. The lock tube machine greatly reduces the production cost of the product.

Increasing the service life of the lock tube machine is equivalent to reducing the procurement cost and improving the production efficiency. Some habitual actions in daily operation often bring great harm to the performance of the lock tube machine. Such as the sudden start, stop, shifting or reversing of our common hydraulic system, the valve port suddenly closes or the action suddenly stops. Due to the inertia of the flowing liquid and the moving parts, a high peak pressure is instantaneously formed in the system. The phenomenon is called hydraulic shock, which causes great damage to the sealing device, pipeline or hydraulic components, and also causes the hydraulic equipment to vibrate and generate a lot of noise.

When the valve is suddenly closed or the hydraulic cylinder is quickly braked, the flow of liquid in the system is suddenly blocked. At this time, due to the inertia of the liquid flow, the liquid starts from the blocked end, and the kinetic energy is quickly converted into pressure energy layer by layer, thus generating a pressure shock wave; after that, the pressure energy is converted into kinetic energy layer by layer from the other end, and the liquid is again Reverse flow; then, again, the kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy, and the energy conversion is repeated. Due to the rapid reciprocating propagation of this pressure wave, a pressure oscillation is formed in the system. In fact, because the liquid is subjected to friction and the elasticity of the liquid and the wall of the tube, energy is continuously consumed, and the oscillation process is gradually attenuated and tends to be stable.




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