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What is the hydraulic forming technology of the hose crimping machine?

One of the main functions of the hose crimping machine is the crimping technology. Compared with other crimping equipment, the hose crimping machine is more superior than other hydroforming crimping processes. It is mainly used for hollow-shaped cross-section components. The traditional crimping process is Two halves are first buckled and then welded to form a whole. Now, the hydraulic forming of the hose crimping machine can form a hollow structure with a change along the cross section of the component at one time.

Compared with other traditional processes, the hose crimping machine mainly has the following advantages:

1. Can reduce the number of molds and parts, which can greatly reduce mold costs. Hydraulic forming parts for hose crimping machines usually require only one set of molds, while traditional crimping parts require multiple sets of molds. The number of engine bracket parts was reduced from 6 to 1, and the radiator bracket parts were also reduced from 17 to 10.

2. Reduce quality. Hose crimping machine can save a lot of material. Compared to typical parts such as radiator brackets and automobile engine brackets, the hydraulic forming parts of the hose crimping machine are 15% to 50% lighter than the traditional crimping parts; and for hollow stepped shaft parts, the weight can be reduced by up to 50%.

3. The products of the hose crimping machine can reduce the welding amount of subsequent machining and assembly. Here, taking the bracket of the radiator as an example, the heat dissipation area has increased by 43%, and the number of solder joints has been reduced from 174 to 20. The number of processing steps has also been reduced from 13 to 6. The productivity has increased by 70%.

4. The hose crimping machine can greatly improve the strength and stiffness, especially the fatigue strength.

5. Hose crimping machine greatly reduces the production cost of the product.

In the daily use of the hose crimping machine, it is indispensable to maintain and maintain the hose crimping machine. Then, what should we pay attention to during the maintenance process?

   1. The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank should be replaced when it exceeds the aging limit specified by the hydraulic oil manufacturer, or the oil level gauge should be visually checked. If the hydraulic oil has become oxidized and blackened, it must be replaced.

   2. Frequently inject anti-wear lubricant into the moving surface of the mold base.

   3. During non-pressing machine working hours, please cover the dust cover to prevent sundries from falling into the mold base.




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