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Choose hose crimping machine and tube pressing machine not only value the price

In September, it was fleeting. In September, what impressed me the most was the two days of 9 / 20-9 / 21. Many customers asked about the price of withholding presses. Most of them asked about the price, and then said that it was expensive or considered again. Can such a sentence arouse your thoughts? Customers, as your users, do you think so? So, how big is the spread of the same crimping machine? The hydraulic system of the crimping machine is an important part of the equipment. It consists of motor, hydraulic oil pump, directional valve and safety valve. Example: The same plunger pump as 10YCY14-1B, Shanghai high-pressure oil pump factory needs about 1,450 yuan, while some other manufacturers only need about 800 yuan. The 10-port electromagnetic directional valve is priced at about 450 yuan in Shanghai Lixin Plant and Beijing Huade Plant, while other manufacturers' prices range from 300-350 yuan, as are other components. Therefore, the price difference between choosing good and bad hydraulic components should be between 30% and 50%.
Indeed, there are many companies that can produce crimping machines and tube pressing machines at present, but there are only a few of them with strength, and users have a lot of choice, but it depends on whether they are right or wrong. According to statistics, 70% of users see the price of watching outside at first glance, and will pay attention to quality and after-sales only after it is officially put into use. When it is found that the problems of the crimping machine and the pipe pressing machine will definitely affect the production progress when it is used, if the after-sales service can no longer keep up, it will affect the entire production line and even the entire factory. In addition, some manufacturers use low-price competition or cut corners in order to win customers, which has hurt the profits of many manufacturers.