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Description of the use and operation method of multifunctional hydraulic hose crimping machine

Large-caliber hose crimping machine is mainly used in engineering machinery, refining and chemical industry, military roads and bridges and other industries. The oil circuit is advanced in design, the internal electrical equipment is safe and reliable, the mold is dovetailed, easy to replace, reliable in performance, fast in buckling speed and high in pressure.
Instructions for the use of multifunctional hydraulic hose crimping machine
The use of the positioner of the hose crimping machine: press 1mm more for each reverse rotation, 0.01mm for each forward rotation, and so on. The same specifications of the hose and joint, the first metal joint reaches the required pressure, no need to move The positioner has been pressing this specification all the time, and the compression data is completely consistent. When you test the pressure to complete the first tubing, you have learned it, and the rest is gradually skilled.
According to the predetermined press-fitting effect of the workpiece, select the appropriate mold for the hose crimping machine, put it into the dovetail groove for crimping. After the mold is installed, put the workpiece to be crimped into the head of the tube locker, and press the Withholding key, the die in the machine head automatically withholds. When the pressure reaches a preset value, the withholding ends. Press the mold open button, the mold is opened, and the workpiece is taken out to complete a buckle.
The hose crimping machine is a mature equipment with low failure rate, low cost and low price. Compared with manual crimping, it has the characteristics of more accurate and larger pressure, more beautiful and even embossing, fast speed and less time. In this state of scarce human resources, an automatic hose crimping machine is the best choice for crimping and peeling hoses.
Is the steel pipe joint mainly used for the construction of extended joints for scaffolding, which can replace the top screw. The main features: simple structure, easy to use, light weight, no welding, saving data, good repeatability. The device requires that the cross section of the steel pipe joint should be flat, and the burr should be removed when cutting. Adhere to the coaxiality between the construction of steel pipe joints and the construction of scaffolding steel pipes. The pre-tensioning force should not be too large. The cutting edge plug should be completely embedded in the construction of the scaffolding steel pipe to prevent the side effect of the construction of steel pipe joints. The joint is a new type of pipe connecting element for scaffolding.
Semi-automatic crimping and stripping hoses, instead of slow labor, save time and effort, and beautiful and uniform patterns. The pressed product perfectly meets the needs of various customers. The crimping pressure can be adjusted precisely without unevenness.
The oil pump installed in the oil tank is immersed in hydraulic oil to achieve the purpose of scientific heat dissipation and quietness. The oil pump is driven by the motor to output hydraulic oil and push the plunger in the pressure-holding cylinder to cause the mold base to shrink radially and realize the mold to hose connection. Coat squeeze. When the button is pressed, the mold shrinks. When the shrinkage pressure reaches the preset value of the electric contact pressure gauge, the extrusion automatically stops, and then the pressure is maintained. After the mold release button is pressed, the electromagnetic reversing valve is reversed, The plunger moves in the opposite direction, the mold is opened accordingly, and the crimping of the hose is completed.