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How to install and debug the hose crimping machine and tube pressing machine and precautions

Hydraulic hose crimping machine and pipe press machine is suitable to be carried by forklift, and the bottom of the pipe press is stressed. Specially raised hands, convenient for users who do not have a forklift. It is strictly forbidden to carry the lifting tube head and the motor and electrical box parts.
1. Installation: Hydraulic hose crimping machine and pipe press machine need to be horizontally placed on a stable foundation and grounded.
2. Oil injection: Open the fuel tank cap, and add 46 hydraulic oil to the oil tank to the 2/3 position of the oil level gauge.
3. Power connection: Connect the power cord to the power source specified by the stubbing machine, start the motor to observe the steering, and the motor steering should be consistent with the direction marked by the motor. If the motor direction is different from the marked direction, please change the position of two live wires. Micrometer: Used to adjust the amount of shrinkage of the crimping hose, press 1mm more in the counterclockwise half cycle and 1mm less in the clockwise half cycle.
4. Pressure adjustment: The maximum pressure of the hydraulic hose crimping machine and pipe press machine system is 31.5Mpa, which is adjusted by the relief valve, which increases the clockwise adjustment pressure and decreases the counter-clockwise adjustment pressure (it has been adjusted at the factory, if necessary, you can adjust it yourself) Adjustment). Adjustment of mold opening speed: The speed of mold opening speed is controlled by the diverter valve, adjusting clockwise, opening speed is increased, adjusting counterclockwise, opening speed is slowed down, but too fast opening speed will increase noise. The best value is not more than 10Mpa (it has been adjusted at the factory, and it can be adjusted if necessary).