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Hydraulic hose crimping machine and hose press machine have a bright future in the next few years!

According to the survey of the hydraulic machinery industry, the data shows that China's agriculture, water conservancy, energy, transportation, information, construction, environmental protection and other industries have developed rapidly. To this end, a large number of machinery and equipment are needed to meet their development needs. With the improvement of industrialization and automation, these equipments need to be equipped with a large number of high-performance and high-reliability hydro-pneumatic and sealing components, such as: crimping machines, tube presses, tube shrinking machines, tube locking machines, tubing crimping machines, etc . According to preliminary estimates, it is estimated that by 2013, the total domestic demand for hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing products will increase from 20 billion yuan in 2005 (of which about 900 million US dollars in imports and nearly 300 million US dollars in exports) to about 35 billion yuan (of which (Imports are about $ 1.5 billion and exports are about $ 500 million). Among them, hydraulic products increased from more than 10 billion yuan to 20 billion yuan, hydraulic products increased from 1 billion yuan to more than 2 billion yuan, pneumatic products increased from nearly 3 billion yuan to more than 5 billion yuan, and sealing products increased from more than 3 billion yuan. The yuan increased to 7 billion yuan.
Construction machinery
Construction machinery is the largest user of hydraulic products, accounting for 42.3% of the industry's sales, and the proportion will increase in the future, so the development trend of construction machinery is very important. It is estimated that by 2013, the annual demand for hydraulic excavators will reach 60,000 to 80,000 units, nearly 10,000 bulldozers (above 120 horsepower), approximately 100,000 to 120,000 loaders, approximately 2,000 graders, and approximately 1.5 road rollers. 10,000 units, about 20,000 engineering cranes, about 80,000 forklifts, and nearly 10,000 cement mixers. In addition, China now has about 1.4 million construction machinery, and it is expected to reach 2 million by 2013. It is also learned that the imported hydraulic parts for excavators, road machinery, cement mixers, etc. produced by domestic enterprises each year amount to more than 150 million US dollars. The share of hydraulic manufacturing accounts for 30% of the country's total. In short, the market for hydraulic and sealing parts for supporting construction machinery and maintenance will face a new period of great development. These construction machinery products require a large number of high-performance, long-life withholding presses, pipe presses, pipe lockers, strippers, testers, oil cylinders, cutting machines, etc.
Metallurgical and mining equipment
It is understood that the utilization rate of hydraulic and pneumatic technology in metallurgical equipment reaches 6.1% to 8.1%, which accounts for about 10% of the total equipment cost. From the statistical analysis of the industry, hydraulic and pneumatic products directly provide supporting equipment for the metallurgical industry, accounting for 14.5% and 9% of sales (excluding retail). It is reported that the hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing products imported by the metallurgical industry for maintenance amount to tens of millions of dollars each year. Therefore, the demand for supporting and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic seals for metallurgical and mining equipment mainframes will increase significantly. Metallurgical and mining equipment will require a large number of plunger pumps, cartridge valves, solenoid valves, proportional valves, servo valves, oil cylinders, complete hydraulic systems, pneumatic components and a large number of seals.
By 2011, the annual demand for plastic machinery will be about 150,000, of which injection molding machines will account for about 40%. China's plastic machinery now has about 400,000 units, and is expected to reach about 800,000 units by 2013. Although there is a current development trend of electric drive in small and medium power injection molding machines, according to analysis, due to plastic products and costs in the next few years, in addition to high precision, high efficiency and high quality products that require electric drive, China will still have a large number of Apply fluid power. Therefore, the market demand for plastic machinery supporting, maintenance hydraulic, pneumatic and seals will still maintain a rapid growth trend.
In addition to the above-mentioned various main engine industries, hydraulic equipment, underground construction equipment, logistics consolidation equipment, aviation, aerospace, railway, rolling stock, medicine, printing, and amusement and other mechanical equipment also have market demands for hydraulic, pneumatic, and sealing products. All have great prospects.