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Sharing technology of crimping machine hose

The crimping machine crimps the hose, and the compression amount of the crimped hose joint directly affects the joint connection performance. The high-pressure hose is composed of a steel wire reinforcement layer, an inner and outer rubber layer, and has orthotropic properties.
Sharing technology of crimping machine hose
Adopt the theory of rubber composites. Think of the hose as an anisotropic cylindrical shell and consider the buckling pressure. Investigate the stress analysis method in a laminated circular pipe composed of multiple materials and establish a mechanical model of the composite pipe.
The theory of hose deformation is derived from theory. The relationship between the buckle pressure and buckle pressure is derived. At the same time, the simulation analysis is performed by ANSYS finite element and the experiment is demonstrated.
In cold connection technology, hose connection is common. There are two types of joints and hose connections: crimping and detachable. Withholding type hose joints are simple in structure, reliable in use, small in size and convenient for processing. The compression amount of the crimping type hose joint directly affects the connection performance of the joint. This crimping type hose assembly is a non-removable fixed pipe joint structure. This structure can form a large clamping force between the rubber layer and the joint. The joint is sealed by the hose. The inner rubber layer is assisted by the outer jacket and the core. This is done by deforming the inner rubber layer.
In recent years, China's economy has achieved rapid development. The withholding machine has put forward new requirements for the development of the industry and has promoted the further development of the industry to a certain extent. At the same time, the development trend of machinery manufacturing and automation has brought huge productivity to the construction machinery industry. The level of machinery manufacturing automation technology not only affects the development of the general machinery industry, but also reflects the country's economic growth and industrial development.
HengHua Hydraulic develops and produces a new generation of fully automatic hose crimping machine, which relies on the power generated by the hydraulic power source through the advance and retreat of the piston and the opening and shrinking movement of the mold. It not only moves smoothly and returns quickly, but also does not occur like a spring return, which makes the mold not open and locks. In addition, the cylinder locking system is designed to penetrate back and forth, and it is easy to buckle various special-shaped elbows to meet the molding requirements.
Some people may not know the crimping equipment for tube shrinking machines. Tube shrinking machines are also called diameter reducing machines, tube crimping machines, tube locking machines, tube crimping machines, tube expanding machines, etc. This machine is a device that deforms the metal joint under pressure, so that it can reach the outer diameter of the steel pipe smoothly and precisely. Commonly used: Scaffolding steel tube shrinking machine, mainly for construction site 48/50 steel pipe shrinkage, can replace the top screw connection, for some small stainless steel pipes, galvanized pipe can use a single-head liquid compression pipe machine, the machine shrinking accuracy High, no damage to the surface of the steel pipe, double-cylinder drive, shrinking the tube quickly, the diameter of the steel tube can be expanded and reduced after changing the mold.