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"Eight magic weapons" boost the hydraulic hose crimping machine

With the rapid development of the country's economic situation, hydraulic hose machine and pipe press machine companies have gradually upgraded their products and increased capital investment, and the proportion of scientific and technological research and development has increased.
First, the appearance is beautiful. The shape design of each withholding equipment is closer to Europe and the United States, and all manufacturers are trying new shape designs. In the long run, it is beneficial to the overall development of the withholding industry.
Second, the model is lightweight. As for the crimping machine and tube pressing machine, the old model with a heavy model and a large space is a thing of the past. The new model, which is light and smart and easy to move, has become the mainstream of choice for users.
Third, intelligent control. With the development of science and technology and the successful application of various intelligent control theories in other industries, a new generation of automatic crimping machines and tube presses have completely replaced the old manual type. It is believed that in the near future, new smart products will drive the withholding industry.
Fourth, energy conservation and emission reduction. Reducing consumption, noise, reducing losses and preventing waste, and effective and rational use are the leading development directions.
Fifth, the operation is simple. In recent years, various devices have been integrated with one-button control in order to facilitate users' rapid application in production. Even laymen who are not familiar with it can also realize production through simple control.
Sixth, production process. After nearly half a century of experience, major equipment manufacturers have begun to consider customizing expert systems to customize the most reasonable solutions for the entire production process for different geographical environments.
Seventh, independent innovation. With the improvement of scientific research level, various patent achievements of crimping machine and tube pressing machine have emerged one after another. It can completely replace foreign products and has the potential to catch up with the advanced world level.
Eighth, demand customization. Due to the past fixed equipment model and performance. Unable to meet the special requirements of customers, at this stage, we can make greater satisfaction based on user choices.