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crimping hose example

Withholding Ф19mm four-layer steel wire hose (Italy Manuli4sp standard)
From the hydraulic tubing withholding parameter table, it is found that the outer diameter of the Φ19mm four-layer steel wire hose joint outer jacket is 37mm before withholding and 33.5mm after withholding. The inner diameter of the mold to be selected is Ф33mm, and the corresponding micrometer scale is 3.
Install the Ф33mm mold on the mold base, rotate the micrometer scale to 3, peel the hose and assemble it with the joint. After the buckle is completed, the outer diameter of the joint jacket is measured as the value after the buckle of the buckle parameter table is 33.5mm, and the buckle is completed.
If the outer diameter does not match after the buckle, finely adjust the micrometer and buckle a hose. When crimping hose joints: too many crimping dimensions, the rubber layer inside the hose is broken, causing oil leakage; too small crimping dimensions, causing oil leakage and being washed out of the joint by oil pressure.
Be sure to grasp a reasonable degree of buckling, based on the shrinkage of the inner hole of the connector core. The GB connector is compressed by 0.1 ~ 0.4mm, and the ordinary connector is compressed by 0.1 ~ 2mm.
Due to the different manufacturers of hoses and joint jackets, such as the GB standard used by most hose manufacturers in the North, the 602 standard used in the South, and the SAE standard abroad, the specific sizes and materials of the hoses and joints may vary from factory to factory, so the data of the withholding parameter table For reference only, the specific buckling dimensions should be based on pressure experiments.