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Application of hose crimping machine in greenhouse

Greenhouses are also known as greenhouses, which can transmit light and keep heat (or heat), and are used to cultivate plants. In the unsuitable season for plant growth, it can provide growth period and increase yield. It is mostly used in low-temperature seasons such as warming vegetables, flowers, forests and other plant cultivation or seedlings. So we can eat the vegetables we like in winter, and the greenhouse brings great convenience to people.
Greenhouses can be divided into thin film greenhouses, glass greenhouses, and plastic plate greenhouses by material. The most commonly used are plastic greenhouses. The main structure of plastic greenhouses is mainly hot-dip galvanized steel pipe as the main bearing structure, which is produced in factories and installed on site. For the robustness of greenhouses, steel pipes play a crucial role. Due to the different lengths and shapes of steel pipes used, steel pipe plugging is required.
The hose crimping machine uses pressure to reduce the crimping of one steel pipe and insert it with another steel pipe to stabilize the greenhouse skeleton structure. There are two ways to reduce the outer diameter of the steel pipe withholding pressure. One is through thermal deformation, which is to place the steel pipe in a certain temperature environment and use the corresponding tooling to make it smaller. However, this method has high processing cost and low efficiency.
The other is cold extrusion deformation. The performance of our company's hose crimping machine is stable and reliable. It can be crimped steel tubes and the crimped steel tubes are neat in shape, easy to install and disassemble, and the steel tubes can be reused.