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How does the hydraulic hose crimping machine work?

Pipe pressing machine is also called hose pressing machine, hose locking machine, hose crimping machine, hose pressing machine is mainly suitable for the crimping processing of high-pressure hose assembly in mechanical engineering. It can also crimp two-way elbows, extra large elbows and Shaped head.
Working principle of hydraulic hose criming machine
The oil pump is driven by the motor to output hydraulic oil, which pushes the plunger in the withholding cylinder forward, causing the two inner cone sleeves on the plunger and the front cylinder head to push the mold seat with a symmetrical cone surface to radially shrink, realizing the module alignment. Withholding of the hose. When the shrinkage reaches the scale setting value, the withholding pressure automatically stops. After the electromagnetic reversing valve is reversed, the hydraulic oil enters the two mold opening cylinders, pushing the withholding plunger to move in reverse, and the mold base drives the module to recover under the action of the spring.
Working process of hydraulic hose crimping machine
The pipe pressing mechanism is the working mechanism of the pipe pressing machine. The pressure sleeve is driven by the cylinder piston to achieve reciprocating motion, and the spring pressure head fixed on the front plate is continuously pressed and relaxed. Put the assembled joint into the appropriate position in the middle circular hole of the spring indenter, start the motor, drive the oil pump to supply oil, control the solenoid valve to change direction, drive the cylinder piston to move forward, and pass the pressure sleeve with the inner cone hole , Press the spring indenter with the same taper to achieve the purpose of pressing. Press the mold open button, the piston drives the pressure sleeve to move in the opposite direction, and the spring head is restored. At this time, the hose joint can be removed from the tube pressing machine.