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Hydraulic hose criming machine common faults and troubleshooting methods

Common failure phenomenon of Hydraulic hose criming machine
Method of exclusion
After the hydraulic hose criming machine is powered on, the motor does not turn on, and the power supply has no power:
1. Check if the power switch is off.
2. Check whether the contactor is closed.
3. Check whether the fuse is blown.
4. Check whether the thermal relay is open.
The motor rotates, but does not work, the power supply is out of phase:
1. Check whether the fuse is blown.
2. Check if all three wires have power.
Motor reverse:
1. Align any two phases of the three-phase power supply. Loose nut of pressure regulating valve
2. After tightening the pressure regulating valve one turn, lock the nut.
Insufficient hydraulic fluid:
1. Check if the oil level is at the level line.
Solenoid valve does not work:
(During inspection, the scale must be adjusted outside the working range)
1. Check whether the solenoid valve is energized.
2. Check if the solenoid valve is stuck.
The solenoid directional valve must not be electric:
1. Check if 24V power is connected to the solenoid valve Hydraulic hose criming machine, but it can't reach the standard pressure:
Pressure value adjusted too low
1. Adjust the handle of the pressure regulating valve to adjust the pressure to the specified value.
Regulator is stuck:
1. Clean the pressure regulating valve.