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Brief description of the use of hydraulic hose crimping machine and tube pressing machine

1. Before starting the hydraulic hose crimping machine, add 50kg of 46 # hydraulic oil (preferably genuine genuine oil) in the tube press machine.
2. Connect the power supply. If you are using a three-phase motor, be careful not to connect it to the reverse direction (top view: the motor fan clockwise rotates forward).
3. After the above processes are completed, you can start the pressure test.
4. Use of hydraulic hose crimping machine and positioner of pipe pressing machine: press 1mm more for each reverse rotation, 0.01mm for each positive rotation, and so on. The same specifications of hoses and joints, the first metal joint can meet the needs Pressure, you do n’t need to move the locator anymore, and you have been pressing this specification all the time. As a result, the compression data is completely consistent. When you test the pressure to complete the first tubing, you have already learned it, and the rest is gradually skilled.