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HengHua Hydraulic hose crimping machine exported to Iran, expanding the company's R & D team

On September 25, HengHua hydraulic conducted extensive and in-depth cooperation with an Iranian machinery factory through foreign trade. The first batch of 30 HT-80 crimping machines was signed for shipment, demonstrating the strength of HengHua hydraulic hose crimping machine and pipe pressing machine in the international market. confidence.
Eng HengHua seized domestic and international major exhibitions to showcase its own brand and core technology. In the first half of this year, HengHua hydraulic hose crimping machine and tube press export models increased by 80% over the same period. The success of this cooperation with Iranian enterprises, HengHua hydraulic hose crimping machine, not only expands the influence of the international market, but also determines that its performance is in the leading position of its peers.
The company stated that in response to the export problems of hydraulic hose crimping machine and pipe press industry, in addition to strengthening its own brand and price advantage, the core technology is the most competitive. The next step will continue to increase investment in the research and development team to determine the industry's leading position.