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How to crimp a satisfactory hose

HengHua will now explain how to buckle satisfactory hoses. High-pressure oil pipes are mainly divided into high-pressure steel wire braided oil pipes and high-pressure steel wire wound oil pipes. It consists of steel wire braided layer and weather-resistant synthetic rubber outer rubber layer. High-pressure steel wire wound tubing is mainly composed of inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer, 2, 4, and 6 steel wire winding layers and outer rubber layer.
When users use hydraulic hose crimping machine or pipe press machine to pressurize high-pressure oil pipes, if the amount of press-down is too small, then the pressure between the joint and the hose is too loose. Under the action of hydraulic pressure, the hydraulic hose crimping machine hose may be in the initial stage of use. Disengaged from the joint. If the amount of buckle is too large, the joint and the hose are pressed too tightly, which will cause local damage to the inner layer of the hose, which will cause cracks. The hydraulic oil will directly enter the steel wire layer from the fracture, and then travel along the gap between the steel wires. It oozes to the tail of the jacket or accumulates somewhere along the wire layer, causing the outer rubber to bulge or even crack.
When using hydraulic hose crimping machine or pipe press machine, the crimping speed should not be too fast. It will easily cause damage to the inner rubber and break the steel wire layer, which will cause premature damage to the hose during use. In actual work, when replacing high-pressure hoses, the length of the hoses used, the number of steel wires, the shape and size of the joints must be reasonable, and the degree of bending of the hoses should be minimized. Most of the damage to high-pressure hoses is caused by improper production. .
I hope that when users use the hydraulic hose crimping machine and pipe press machine to buckle the high-pressure tubing assembly, they can correctly select the high-pressure tubing and buckle the satisfactory hose assembly.