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The main reason for the decline in the quality of the hose crimping machine and the decline in quality

1. Reasons for hydraulic accessories
The hydraulic system of hydraulic hose crimping machine is an important part of the equipment. It consists of motor, hydraulic oil pump, directional valve and safety valve. Example: The same plunger pump of 10YCY14-1B, a factory requires about 1,450 yuan, while other manufacturers only need about 800 yuan. The 10-port electromagnetic directional valve has a price of about 450 yuan in a factory, while other manufacturers' prices range from 300-350 yuan, as do other components. Therefore, the price difference between choosing good and bad hydraulic components should be between 30% and 50%.
2. Processing technology and reasons for selecting materials
Reduce the processing technology and processing links to achieve the purpose of reducing costs, leading to problems in customer use. For example: the core shrinkage of hydraulic hose crimping machine (mold base, mold) should be strictly tempered to refine the lattice and then quenched. Some low-pressure hydraulic hose crimping machine pressure-bearing parts are often directly quenched, eliminating the quenching and tempering process, the workpiece is severely brittle and the hardness is not enough, and deformation, fracture and other problems occur over time.
3. Eliminate the reason for inspection
The production of a qualified hydraulic hose crimping machine requires: purchase parts inspection, assembly process inspection, contraction strength inspection, warehouse inspection, and factory inspection before passing sales to customers. Some low-cost hydraulic hose crimping machine manufacturers have omitted all inspection procedures in order to save money and improve production efficiency, resulting in hydraulic hose crimping machine quality problems such as oil leakage, low pressure, and excessive noise.
4. Reasons for lack of R & D investment
New product research and development and new technology trial production of some large-scale companies, taking about 3% -6% of their output value, the investment is very large, while some small companies will not invest a lot of money in research and development, can only do some appearance imitation, resulting in There is nothing but appearance and poor internal quality.
5. Reasons for insufficient service
Too low price hydraulic hose crimping machine often only lowers the price to sell things and neglects the after-sales service. Once the equipment fails, it is often because the price is not considered in the price, and it is unwilling to go, delaying the use of customers, and May cause disputes.
In summary, several factors of price differences mentioned above point out that customers who are about to purchase withholding machines are required to make correct judgments.