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The role of hydraulic hose crimping machine cylinder

The hydraulic cylinders of the hose crimping machine and the pipe pressing machine are mainly used in places that need to support heavy objects for a long time. It can still support heavy objects when removing the oil pressure, and it is safe and reliable. Can be used underwater, single-acting, load retraction, self-locking nut to make the load safer, especially in large projects, it is easy to operate and control and self-locking jack. It is designed with safety pressure holding device and built-in pressure relief valve to prevent overload. To protect the self-locking jack for safe operation.
The connection of this device uses high-pressure hoses and threaded joints, which are fast to use and overcome the shortcomings of oil leaks from fast traditional joints. The hydraulic hose crimping machine and pipe press machine are mainly used in electricity, construction, machinery manufacturing, mining, railway bridges, shipbuilding Installation and removal of equipment for various industries.