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Identification of hydraulic hose crimping machine, tube pressing machine!

Identify the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic hose crimping machine, pipe press machine
1. Look: Observe whether the hydraulic accessories and electrical components selected by hydraulic hose crimping machine, pipe press machine are made by famous brand products or regular manufacturers; whether the circuit configuration is regular; whether the petrol station pipeline design is reasonable; No oil leakage. After passing the visual inspection as above, the next test can be carried out.
2. Listen: Turn on the device after it is powered on, and listen to whether the device is operating normally. If there is abnormal noise, it is usually caused by the coaxiality of the motor and the oil pump installation is not up to standard, the other may be caused by the irrational choice of oil pump displacement and pipe diameter, and then the quality of the selected motor or oil pump Not well caused.
3. Measurement: finally measure the main parameters of the equipment
3.1 Keep the equipment in dry running state, and touch each mold block with your hands, there should be no jitter in the hand, otherwise it will be regarded as unqualified product.
3.2 Put the equipment on the mold, withhold a sample joint, and measure the withhold joint with a caliper or micrometer. The roundness and taper should be restrained within 0.1mm, which is considered excellent.
3.3 Mold base hardness and mold hardness are also the key to the normal use of the equipment in the future. Customers can require manufacturers to test the mold base or mold with a bench or portable hardness tester. When the hardness of the mold base is lower than Rockwell HRC60, the hardness of the hose will be affected.
3.4 Finally, check the eight-lobe average division of the mold base of the equipment and the evenness of the mold. Good equipment will make special control adjustments for these two items, while some low-quality equipment will not control the above two parameters.