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How to judge the quality of the hose when hydraulic hose crimping machine crimping

Hydraulic hose crimping machine, hose press machine When judging the quality of the hose, please pay attention to the following points:
First, see if the surface is smooth and flat, with or without blisters, bumps, sponges, trachoma, etc .;
2. Bend by hand to see if there are cracks;
Third, see if the steel wire reinforcement layer is arranged regularly;
Fourth, look at the cross section, whether the inner hole and the steel wire layer are round, and whether the inner rubber layer and the outer rubber layer are uniform in thickness;
5. Use nails or a knife to cut the inner and outer rubber to see if it is strong;
6. Use your nose to smell the smell of the inside and outside glue;
Seven, see the printing of the tube, whether there is a trademark, factory name and other information.