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Operation of hydraulic hose crimping machine

1. The hydraulic hose crimping machine should be decompressed 20 to 30 times without load for the first time. Observe that all parts are normal before use.
2. When using the hydraulic hose crimping machine in winter, it should be decompressed 20 to 30 times without load to increase the oil temperature.
3. Press the opening button, after the mold base is opened, select the corresponding mold to install on the mold base according to the specifications of the buckled hose, and adjust the micrometer scale.
4. Place the hose with the joint in the proper position in the head of the pipe press so that the entire length is buckled at one time.
5. Press the button to perform the crimping operation until the hydraulic hose crimping machine head stops crimping and automatically opens the mold.
6. Take out the crimped hose assembly and use a vernier caliper to measure the outer diameter of the joint jacket after crimping. If the parameter table does not match, fine-tune the micrometer scale until the next hose crimping meets the requirements.